21 September 2010

Domain Name: 8 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Domain Name

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I know that you have been searching on the internet for the information on how to name your domain.  Are you still not sure how to name your domain? If you say, "Yes", I am glad to come to the right place.  Here I am going to tell you the 8 factors to consider when choosing a domain name before heading to a domain registrar such as Godaddy.

1-Goals and objectives and future directions
Before you get a domain name, you should have a plan in mind.  You should know what your goals and objectives of having a domain are.  Do you want to have a domain to advertise your business or you want it for your interests or hobbies?

2- Domain ending
Select the top level domain (TLD) as dot com (.com) unless you want to get a specific country of a particular legal or organization structure such as dot edu (.edu for education).  It depends on your objective of having the domain.  If you want a domain to redirect a specific url, then get a domain with dot info(.info).  It would serve your purpose well and it is cheaper than the dot come one.

3- Hyphens
Avoid hyphens your domain name even though some people would say that would help search engine identify keyword more clearly.  Some would say that would be the same thing as without hyphens.

4- Name length
The name of your domain should be short, simple, and memorable.  The purpose behind this is you want your audience to spell correctly, say quickly, and remember your domain.  Remember that the longer the domain name, the easy it is to misspell it.

5- SEO and traffic
Do a keyword research for your domain name because it has influence on search engines.  That is why you want your domain name related to keyword in your niche that you are going to do business.  The targeted keyword used in the domain name can boost traffic to your blog.

6- Intended audience
You must have in mind of what kind of audience you intend to appeal your business to.  Is that young people, internet marketing or cool groups of people?  This way you can gear the way you talk to your audience so that you can tone your voice through your writing properly.

7- Trademark infringement
Before you register your domain, do a research to make sure you don't use a trademark name. Be warned that buying a domain containing a trademarked name could result in taking your domain down after a legal battle dispute.

8- Branding
You can use your name as a domain name, but it is going to take a lot of work to brand your blog.  People do not know who you are.  You have a lot of marketing and advertising to do.
The above 8 factors are just a brief explanation when choosing a domain name.  To find out in more detail, please visit this blog: http://www.paulyunonline.com/domain-8-factors-to-consider-when-choosing-a-domain-name/

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