02 November 2010

Uniqlo opening in November - Malaysia

Salam to all....i wanna share this stuff.. some1 tell me bout this so i search and i found this,,,jom layan zasssss

source google

UNIQLO, Japan’s number one fashion brand and world leader in casual wear, will open its first store in Malaysia in November in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Making its debut as an anchor tenant in the newly renovated Fahrenheit 88 shopping centre, the large-format store will occupy a three-level retail space of 2,140 sq m, which conveys the appeal of UNIQLO - stylish, high quality and affordable clothing, complemented by an unparalleled modern Japanese shopping experience.

"Consumers may anticipate the unexpected from UNIQLO as we offer an impressive array of basic casual wear, along with signature items such as the Japanese high-tech winter wear HEATTECH, fleeces, Japanese denim and UNIQLO’s famous +J collection right here in Malaysia," said Satoshi Onoguchi, managing director of UNIQLO (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and UNIQLO (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

macam best kan....pe kata terjah sana...hehehe...n aku dengar dari kawan aku yg UNIQLO ni ada buat contest hadiah dia tiket gi jepun...eh yer ker...kalau ye aku nak jugak ikut g jepun tu hahaha...kepada kawanku itu, saya nak ikut jugak tau hahaha...lalala~



  1. yup, i saw this in Kennysia's log, too

  2. @Manji nice kan hehe

    @emy/mamasuri same as me lor, b4 xpernah dgr pon kiki

    @Wawa welkem ;)